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Re-Elect A Unifying Leader For Escondido

A Quick Guide To Mac's Policies


Fiscal Responsibility

Mac believes in providing great city services while living within our means. There is no such thing as a free lunch.



Mac supports smarth growth in the city that takes into account the current and future needs of residents.



The schools in Escondido are struggling, and the future of our city is with our youth. Mac is committed to supporting parents, teachers, and students with the tools to succeed.



Mac recognizes the importance of good environmental policy in the most biodiverse county in the world. Escondido continues to set the standard for conservation policy in the County.



Seniors are residents who have dedicated their life to working for us all. Mac is committed to supporting seniors with groundbreaking city services that respect their dignity and cater to their needs.



Mac has led the charge to address homelessness in the city. New methods of approaching homlessness, after a lot of work behind the scenes, are starting to materialize in Escondido.



As a veteran himself, Mac has worked diligently to promote the values and dignity of veterans. With his help, the city now has a Veteran’s Day Parade.


Public Safety

Under Mac’s leadership Escondido continues to be a city of law and order. Despite COVID setbacks, Escondido has adapted it’s emergency responses to be as effective and safe for residents as possible.


Economic Development

Mac has consistently been an advocate for both the businesses and working residents in the city. Escondido’s new economic plan prioritizes policies that are business-friendly and worker-friendly. Mac recently voted against the gas tax.


Pandemic Recovery

Mayor Mac’s level headed approach through the pandemic helped the city navigate through difficult times. Escondido has been able to focus on keeping businesses open and returning resident’s lives to being as normal as possible.

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