Vote NO On Recall - Preserve Our Election Integrity

I’m asking you to vote NO on the upcoming recall election of Governor Newsom.

This effort is nothing more than a waste of our tax dollars. And is a sabotage of our voting process that we have worked so hard for.  We live in a democracy that offers voters a chance to select their elected officials in periodic cycles.  Governor Newsom is our duly elected Governor whose term ends in 2022 when the voters can once again decide who should be Governor.  To try and shorten that cycle for no good reason is nothing more than an attack on our core political values.

Let’s join together and say NO to those who seek to destroy how America chooses its leaders. It is important to not sit out this Recall Election: Fill out your ballot and return it TODAY.


Thank you!


Paul “Mac” McNamara

Mayor,  Escondido, CA

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