Where Mac Stands on Homelessness

Mac has taken this issue on from the beginning.

He knew that homelessness is a complicated issue, and does not have a simple solution. He saw that it would take leadership and action, not rhetoric.

Dane White has ignored the issue.

Dane White has publicly stated that COPPS unit expansion will do very little to help the problem. He thinks, “they are all bums and junkies, who aren’t homeless by circumstance, but by choice.”

Mac has addressed this issue with a clear understanding of its complexity.

From the beginning Mac recognized that the Homeless needed help.  That they were human beings who should be treated with dignity and compassion.  But also, be held accountable and that under the current regulations at the county, state and federal level, our enforcement responses would be limited and that we would have to operate within a very restricted enforcement context. To address this challenge, Mac worked with various groups and individuals in order to accomplish the following:

  • Chaired and co-created the North County Homelessness Committee – a group of elected officials who recognized that something needed to be done and that we needed to work together regionally.
  • Ensured the cities’ staffs also worked in parallel with this committee.  
  • Pressed the county to fund additional PERT workers to accompany our COPPS unit of the EPD.
  • Supported an increase in the City Budget that included more COPPS billets who are designated to work with the homeless.
  • Supported the city in creating a Homelessness page - City of Escondido & Homelessness   which offers strategies to mitigate some of the problem associated with homelessness. 
  • Created the Homelessness Community Advisory Group.
  • Promoted the “Report it” App - Escondido Report It - City of Escondido.  This App is a quick way to inform the city of a problem.  We’ve had very good success with it to date.  
  • Made Homelessness a priority.
  • Pressed for action despite limited enforcement responses.
  • Worked with nonprofit groups and other government agencies to improve their ability to address the Homeless.
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Mac will continue to address this issue

As Mayor, Mac will:

  • Continue to make Homelessness a priority
  • Continue to work on strategies to end this challenge
  • Recognize that how we treat the least of us reflects on our character as a city

A Better Escondido

With Mac as Mayor, the city will carry out its obligation to assist those in need, and help them get back on their feet without creating a culture of dependency.    

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